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Dylan Davis Art

I am Dylan Davis and this tumblr includes some of my illustration work and process. (All work ©2011-2014 Dylan A. Davis)

Posts tagged copyright 2012 Dylan A. Davis

Sep 13 '12

Progress on city maze illustration.

Apr 6 '12

Here are some screen caps of my process (so far) for making the type in each of my maze illustrations.  I’ve done this for every one of the illustrations, but just showing examples from the first (Eagle Island).

For one of the types of type you see, I traced (attempting to be at least a little loose/sketchy) a print-out of the typeface called Plantagenet Cherokee.  That’s the one that has more serifs (more turns on the edges).  That was used for both the title and the instructions that I show in these screenshots.  The other, more “plain” looking typeface is my own natural way of writing, traced over a print-out of the Plantagenet Cherokee.  Right now I’m not completely sure which one I prefer; might have slight preference to my own writing right now.

As you can also see, there are variances in the spacing between letters and between lines.  That is something I am still trying to make a final decision on.

Apr 1 '12

Here is my fourth maze illustration, with color.  It is pretty close to “final”, but I am still trying to work out what colors look best together.  If there’s any aspect of the color that sticks out to anybody (as some thing that could be changed), let me know.  And of course feel free to share if there’s some thing besides color that you have feedback on.

edit: oh, and if anybody has ideas for a title for it.  “Village Homes” sounds too much like just a descriptor right now.

Mar 21 '12

Drawing for the fourth maze illustration, with some detail shots.  This one continues from the maze where you start at the top of the hill and make your way through the farm area to the house in the village.  (So, this one starts at a door in the lower left)

Mar 12 '12

My third maze illustration.  There was a lot of imagination that went into the creation of the previous two illustrations, but even more so in this one.

One more maze illustration to go after this.  I am thinking of not making the single-page “introduction” illustration (that I originally planned to make after the fourth two-page spread maze illustration) , because I want time to improve the text/type and add other various details in all the other illustrations.

Mar 2 '12

Here is my full drawing, and details, for my third maze illustration (for senior project), as it currently is.  I have not cleaned it up yet, except for some level adjusting in Photoshop.  The image sizes are intentionally small at this point.  I might upload some higher resolution detail shots of the drawing.  Otherwise, I will upload higher res details when the color version is complete.

Feb 15 '12

Here is an image of the drawing for my first maze illustration (for my Senior Project), along with two detail shots, and also a color version that is not quite final (the color was created using Photoshop after scanning the original pencil drawing in).  Also, the style, placement, and content of the text is not final.  The original size is 14 inches tall and roughly 22.5 inches wide.  These images are scaled down quite a bit from that obviously.

sorry that the copyright placement in the images is sort of obnoxious-looking.  future, more official versions will look better.  Also, I’m being inconsistent with how I put my name - Dylan Davis or Dylan A. Davis.. will try to be more consistent in future.

©2012 Dylan A. Davis