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Dylan Davis Art

I am Dylan Davis and this tumblr includes some of my illustration work and process. (All work ©2011-2014 Dylan A. Davis)

Posts tagged process

Dec 9 '12

Progress on my city maze illustration.  I made a library, art museum, animal shelter/clinic, life drawing session, cinema, and a partially visible apartment complex (on the very top).

also, the statues in front of the museum are lions.

Sep 13 '12

Progress on city maze illustration.

Feb 15 '12

Here is an image of the drawing for my first maze illustration (for my Senior Project), along with two detail shots, and also a color version that is not quite final (the color was created using Photoshop after scanning the original pencil drawing in).  Also, the style, placement, and content of the text is not final.  The original size is 14 inches tall and roughly 22.5 inches wide.  These images are scaled down quite a bit from that obviously.

sorry that the copyright placement in the images is sort of obnoxious-looking.  future, more official versions will look better.  Also, I’m being inconsistent with how I put my name - Dylan Davis or Dylan A. Davis.. will try to be more consistent in future.

©2012 Dylan A. Davis